The Strassburg Sock is the most reliable plantar fasciitis cure known to produce clinically reproducible results.

Do you suffer from plantar fasciitis? If the first mile of your workout result in a sharp pain on the bottom of your foot or heel, or your first steps every morning feel a stabbing shooting pain, plantar fasciitis is likely the trouble. Both of these problems stem from micro tears in the thick leathery muscle known as the plantar fascia. Overnight these tears heel while the foot is in a in a loose state, only to be severed in the morning when you stretch your foot for the first time. The Strassburg Sock is your cure to this problem, allowing your nightly healing to happen in the maximum stretched state of the plantar fascia. This optimal healing configuration can result in a 50% reduction of recovery time.

How does the Strassburg Sock work?

The Strassburg Sock is a simple fix to a complex problem: comfortably restraining the foots motion during the optimal recovery time. Instead of using a complex mechanical brace to uncomfortably force the position of your foot as you fall asleep, the Strassburg Sock is made of tactile cotton that maintains the foot in the correct position to optimize muscle recovery without impeding your rest and recovery throughout the night. This also means that you are able to roll and move naturally as you sleep, preventing a sheltered ankle and ankle stiffness problems that are the result of hard braces.

The Strassburg Sock is a knee high Sock using a Velcro strap to maintain tension and pull the toes and foot into a stretched position. This Velcro strap, connecting the toes of the Sock to a loop beneath the knee, is reconfigurable, allowing each user to select the stretching most comfortable to them. Additionally, the soft cotton material provides the opportunity for the Sock to be inserted in a standard washer along with your other laundry.

This inspired solution is not limited to injury recovery for plantar fasciitis. When used prior to injury, the adjustability of the strap between the knee and the toes provided by the Strassburg Socks strap allows an athlete to further stretch the plantar fascia muscle, preventing the injury from occurring in the first place. Also, the Sock can be used to work tight calves, reducing injury from Achilles tendonitis and pulled calf muscles.

The Strassburg Sock is a patented solution to one of athletes most persistent and nefarious injuries and has the support and backing of clinical studies. An independent study published in the July/August 2002 issue of Journal of Foot and Ankle Surgery showed that over 97% of patients with Plantar fasciitis recovered in 8 weeks, however patients using the Strassburg Sock recovered in less than 3 weeks. Patients who used the Strassburg Sock recovered in over half the time!

Where can I get the Strassburg Sock

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